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Bottoms Up White

A Colorado grown Sauvignon Blanc. Very dry with a light grapefruit taste. Goes well with Thomas Hardy novels ( if you read too much Hardy you will need some wine... or antidepressants). Also works with Richard Thompson tunes or deciding where to hang your hammock.

WineChick White                     $12

A Colorado grown Riesling. This is a slightly sweet white wine with tropical fruit flavors, making for a  summer-sipping wine great  when accompanied by a trashy novel… or an old Cary Grant movie

Harvest Gold                              $12
A light , off-dry white wine made from Colorado grown viognier. Tastes of apricots and spice. A wine for sitting on the porch with a friend and dissecting relationships (your relationships, your friends relationships, and the love life of people you’ve never met). Also good with Jimmy Buffet tunes.

Venus de Vino Red                    $10
A blend of Boulder grown Noiret and Frontenac. A fruity, rich, tangy red wine . Tasty on its own or as the base wine for sangria or mulled wine.

WineChick Pinot Noir                 $13
Colorado grown Pinot Noir.  A very  light-bodied, dry red wine with  a flavor of cherries, herbs and oak. A fun wine to have with homemade vegetarian pizza. Also goes well with activities involving peanut butter.

Boulder  Backpacking Wine         $16
A Colorado-grown Cabernet Franc. A dry red wine with dark berry flavors and a distinct smoky-earthy taste. Best by the campfire after a day of backpacking while reading John McPhee...or old John Macdonald novels (where is Travis McGee when you need him?)

WineChick Blues                $14
Colorado grown Merlot.  A smooth, luscious, fruity red wine. Goes with some chocolate desserts, most blues music, and all Chris Smithers tunes.

WineChick Red $15
A blend of Colorado grown Shiraz and Malbec. A hearty, fruity, spicy red wine. Goes well with inviting all of your friends over to make a mess in your kitchen. Also good with games of scrabble.

Bottoms Up Red                           $14
A blend of a whole bunch of different Colorado grown red grapes.

WineChick Cherry                        $14  
A very light tart–sweet wine made from organically grown Colorado montmorency cherries.  Apparently it is a great wine to have with macadamia nut pancakes (Admittedly I have not tried this combination yet). Light-hearted and lively enough to go with Jane Austen novels.