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All of my wines are made from Colorado grown grapes. Many of the varietals come from vineyards on the Western slope, but I also get some from local growers in Boulder County and from vineyards on the Eastern Plains of Colorado. Wines are available for purchase, by the glass, or for tasting. Wine-tasting $3.00 for five wines

Bottoms Up White $14

A Colorado grown Sauvignon Blanc. Dry with a light grapefruit taste and a bit of melon flavor. Goes well with Thomas Hardy novels (if you read too much Hardy you will need some wine... or antidepressants). Also works with Richard Thompson tunes or deciding where to hang your hammock.

WineChick White $13 

A blend of Colorado grown Riesling and Gewurztraminer. This is slightly sweet white wine with tropical fruit flavors and a  bit of spiciness, making for a summer-sipping wine..... great when accompanied by a trashy novel… or an old Cary Grant movie. 

Harvest Gold $14

A slightly sweet white wine made from a blend of Colorado grown grapes. Flavor of pear and grape. A wine for sitting on the porch with a friend and dissecting relationships (your relationships, your friends relationships, and the love life of people you’ve never met). Also good with Jimmy Buffet tunes.

Venus de Vino Rose $12
A semi-sweet rose' made from a blend of Colorado-grown grapes. Pagan goddess wine.


 Bredo's Blue Diamond $14
This light and spicy (nutmeg and clove) red is made from Colorado grown St. Vincent's grapes. The label is for Grandpa Bredo (don't know the story? just google Frozen Dead Guy Days, Nederland). This wine is quite good on it's own or as a base for mulled wine. Take a thermos along while cross-country skiing.

Boulder  Backpacking Wine $19

A Colorado-grown Cabernet Franc. A dry red wine with dark berry flavors and a distinct smoky-earthy taste. Best by the campfire after a day of backpacking or while reading John McPhee... or old John MacDonald novels (where is Travis McGee when you need him?).

WineChick Blues $17

A blend of Colorado grown Merlot and St Vincents. A smooth, luscious, fruity red wine. Goes with some chocolate desserts, most blues music, and all Chris Smithers tunes.

WineChick Red $18

A Colorado grown Shiraz. A hearty, fruity, spicy red wine. Goes well with inviting all of your friends over to make a mess in your kitchen. Also good with games of Scrabble.

Bottoms Up Red $16

A blend of a Colorado grown red grapes. Goes well with old science fiction movies

WineChick Cherry $13

A very light tart–sweet wine made from Colorado cherries. Apparently it is a great wine to have with macadamia nut pancakes. 

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